About US

In 2000 Sabumnim (Master Instr) Vincent Sinclair decided to open a new Martial arts school. Where the program not taught Taekwondo but , also incorporated similar and different styles of martial arts. They included Judo, Combat Hapkido (Chung Tu Kwon) and Kick boxing. From which he named the school Universal Martial Arts.


Our Approach

Universal likes to be considered a community - oriented martial art school with a diverse curriculum. Our programs are designed to include parental involvement in the process of growing a student from a beginner to when they obtain their Black belt. We participate in Local. State, Regional and National competitions. Universal strives to promote good physical exercise,  discipline and respect for all of our students.

Our Motto is " Train hard, Fight Easy " 

Meet the Team

Sabumnim Vincent Sinclair

Founder/Owner              Chief Taekwondo Instr   Chief Hapkido Instr      Senior Judo Instr    Kickboxing Instr                 ABC Certified and Licensed MMA Judge  and Ref

Sensei Vince Dudley

School Manager               Chief Judo Instr             Senior Hapkido Instr Kickboxing Instr                 ABC Certified and Licensed MMA Referee and Judge

Sensei Sumaila Sule

Founder Universal Judo The Late "Sensei" Sumalia Sule Who has passed on his knowledge to us all and is and always be missed.

Keobumnim Urbane Waterman

Senior Taekwondo Instr   Senior Judo Instr Asst Hapkido Instr

Rawle Jones

Asst Taekwondo Instr

Ezekiel Johnson

Asst Taekwondo Instr